Sensual & Parties

Be prepared to have the time of your life as you find a phenomenal way to get fit, develop a great new attitude about the body you have. Sensual Fitness will raise your level of self-confidence, body awareness and physical power to new levels. Sensual Fitness combines stretch, sculpt, sensual dance and pole dancing moves into a fitness class that will move your body the way it is intended to move.

Level 1 : Our introduction to pole dancing and sensual movement for fitness. Participants gain a solid foundation of pole work and sensual movement transforming your mind and body and preparing you for more advanced levels. These classes are sexy, lively and fun! Includes both a pole and floor routine… be prepared to meet your sexy side! (No experience needed)

Level 2 : We perfect the moves from Level 1 and teach you a whole new set of exciting moves. You learn yet another fun and sexy pole and floor routine.

Level 3 : You may be ready to start flipping upside down on the pole and learning some Intermediate pole tricks. Your rhythm, balance, strength and flexibility will all start to tie in together and you may want to start thinking about putting on a show of your own

A Whole New Meaning to “Girls Night Out!”
The hottest entertainment for parties
Stagettes, Birthdays, Retirement Parties, Girls Night Out!
Exotic and Pole Dancing!
Participants will learn some fabulous basic stripper moves – on the floor, pole, standing, on walls and chairs – all depending on what is available in the space! It is great time of instruction that is light-hearted but fun! Guests will leave feeling inspired and sexy – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Best of all – no previous experience needed!
Host one of the following parties;
Your Place!
Exotic Dancing Party
We come to you! We will teach standing (including the basic sexy walk!), floor, wall and even some chair moves – depending on what’s in the space! You just need enough room for your guests to move comfortably. Want to try something different? Have your participants dress-up and we can learn how to take off a top or bottom layer!! Let us know and we will prepare this special workshop for you! Choose from a stripe tease routine or a lap dance (chairs required).
Note: A house party is for a minimum of one hour and a half (1 1/2 hours)
Requirements – Click here!
In studio(s)!
Pole Dancing Party
Pole Dancing is the hottest rage that is hitting the U.K., the States and now Canada. It has been seen on 20/20, The View and Oprah. Yes, Oprah and Barbara Walters have pole danced in front of millions of viewers!
We provide you with a FUN, positive, safe environment, so you can come out and play, have FUN and feel very supported by your friends and one of our qualified party presenters.
We take the women through 8 – 12 basic moves on the pole. We start out with simple moves and work up to doing the fireman around the pole.
The evening is totally about FUN! There is no “right” or “wrong” way to have FUN at a Pole Dancing Home Party! This is about letting the magic happen as each woman meets the pole! We facilitate the process through a well-orchestrated system that flow smoothly from start to finish so that every woman present, shy or gregarious has an empowering, FUN, supportive evening.
We have discovered that many women have a secret longing to be more seductive, more sensual, more empowered and confident at a deep personal level that translates into every area of their life. The beauty of a Pole Dancing Home Party is that it promotes those feelings naturally while laughing, cheering, hooting and hollering in an amazingly supportive environment!
Try it – you’ll discover what thousands of women are excited about. A Pole Dancing Party is where FUN meets FANTASY. We bring a “whole new meaning to a girls night out”!
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Exotic Dancing Party
If you are looking to have an Exotic Dancing party at the studio, we can host your group at our studio. This is a beautiful studio – a relaxed and sensual environment where you and your group of friends can relax, have fun and enjoy a night of a strip tease routine, lapdance, exotic dance, and/or pole dance. Or, a combination party!
Requirements – Click here!
Your Place:
address for party
the date and time
the duration of your party – 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours
the type of party – stripe tease, lap dance, or combination
Please email, or call with this information. Once you have confirmed with us, register your party at the Regent studio!

Preparation :

no limits to the invitations – friends, family and neighbours…
if you are having a lap dance party, please have chairs available

-back up-
In Studio:
the studio – Lasalle or Regent
the date and time
the duration of your party – 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours
the type of party – pole party, stripe tease, lap dance, or combination
Please email, or call with this information. Once you have confirmed with us, register your party at the Regent studio!

Preparation :

invite a maximum of 16 to 18 girlfriends
suggestion – make it a theme party (matching t-shirts, boas, dress-up for the part, etc…)
alcohol not recommended before spinning on a pole – no alcohol in studio
make sure all your guest have proper directions to attend the party –