About Us

What makes our studio different from the others?
We adopt an “individual approach” to every person who chooses to attend our classes. Therefore, What makes us different from others?
Our group classes are kept small so that it feels like you are training with a private instructor. We have created a peaceful, non-competitive and fun environment so that students at any level of fitness can work at their own pace. If you want to keep or regain your health, vitality and vigor; if you want to feel younger and stronger; and if you are looking for a perfectly balanced and complete form of exercise, our studio is your best choice!
Our instructors are all certified in Pilates and/or Yoga Instruction. We are constantly updating our training to ensure we offer the safest, most appropriate and versitile classes for our clients. Classes are constantly being changed to consistently challenge, while keeping you interested.
Lori was one of the first to bring pole dancing to Ontario and was the first to be certified in pole safety. This year she is the first to bring the Yoga Swing to Canada. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and beyond; come try a class and see what you’ve been missing!
Meet our Instructors
Lori- Founder of Organic Bodies and now Lori Mitchell Fitness. You can find Lori at all studios, although starting Sept 2010 she will be based out of Barrie
Lori started out in the health field 15yrs ago studying alternative health, where she graduated as a holistic health practitioner, she than went on to further her studies in massage and then graduated as a Registered Nutritionist. Realizing the importance of fitness for herself and her clients she studied to become a certified pilates and yoga instructor.Every year she continues her studies in health and fitness to bring her clients the newest information. She was the first to bring pole dancing to Sudbury and Barrie and in learning and understand the mechanics of pole fitness in a pole safety course from the US. She has also studied pilates rehabilitation and specializes in modifications and proper form for her clients. This year she went away to learn and bring back the yoga swing which is fairly new to Canada. She is the mother of two beautiful girls who have inspired her to add more kids and family classes to the studio.Lori splits her time between all 3 studios.
“I am truely blessed to be able to help those reach their goals and make a differnce in so many lives, I truly love what I do!”
Laura- Pilates Instructor, Barrydowne
Laura first taught fitness before she became a mom and than stayed busy involved in various sports with her children. She was the Canadian 5 pin bowling champion and is thier hall of fame. Four years ago her daughter (Lori) encouraged her to go for her pilates training and she hasn’t looked back. Laura suffers from carpal tunnel and arthritis but will tell you that yoga and pilates have helped her. Don’t be fooled by her soft voice she gives a heck of a class!
Suzanne – Yoga Instructor – Sudbury Studios
Suzanne is a non-dogmatic yoga instructor who has connected to several yoga styles during the last 15 years. While initially trying to bust some work stress, she found a deep passion for the sweet vibrant flow of harmony that yoga brings. Having enjoyed the many benefits of practicing gradually lulled her into a sincere desire to share that knowledge with others. Certified with the White Lotus Foundation’s Ganga White and Tracey Rich with additional certification with Thai Yoga Therapy’s Saul David Raye,and inspired by over twenty extraordinary unsung and renowned teachers, Suzanne continues the learning/teaching adventure. She offers classes rooted in a great respect for form, function and allows the freedom to express experience and awaken to a well-informed yoga practice. Joining music to a delicate and articulate sequence of poses can enliven any experience of yoga. While striving to expand and unfold the self are a goal, acceptance and appreciation of self is key. Also, a little laughter at self can always help soften to strengthen. The classes are dynamic yet palpable and beneficial to all skill levels.
Nancy- Pilates Instructor – Sudbury Studios
Pilates has played a major role in my life for over the past five years. The results of doing these classes faithfully have made a profound difference physically, and mentally. I have always been involved in sports and my interest in teaching Pilates was supported by Lori. I finished my Pilates courses and training 2 years ago, this is a major career change – I LOVE WHAT I DO! I take great satisfaction in helping my clients feel as good as they look. I have never looked back!
Al- Yoga Instructor – Sudbury Studios
Al has been in the holistic field, including yoga for over five years. He is a certified Hatha Yoga